Types Of Injection Plastics

The industry of manufacturing plastic parts has grown immensely because plastic parts are always in high demand. The process of manufacturing plastic parts is known as injection molding. The process involves the injection of a polymer to the object which is already molded into a specific shape. The injection process can be used to manufacture different products like bumpers and many other. There are mainly three types of polymers that you need to understand. They include thermosetting plastic, thermosoftening plastic, and elastomers. Understanding this three basic will help you to have a clear picture of what PLA biologisch abbaubar is.

Thermosoftening plastic

This is one of the most frequently used for the injection process. Like the name suggests, if you expose this kind of polymer to a high degree of temperatures, it becomes easy for you to melt and soften it. This, therefore, means that you can easily mold to any shape that you desire. On the other hand, if you expose it to low temperatures, it becomes very hard. The good thing with these polymers is that they are environmentally friendly. Si if you are among those few people who care about our environment, then you will be more than glad to be associated with it. It is also good to acknowledge the fact they come in a wide variety a good example being the polyester.

Thermosetting plastic

This is also another example of frequently used polymers. Thermosetting, unlike the thermosoftening, it exists in a soft form or sometimes as a liquid. It becomes hard when exposed to extreme temperatures and becomes soften when the conditions around are at room temperature. It is known to be inflexible. This, therefore, means that it can become prattle and therefore break easily. A good example of thermoset is Bakelite. In the modern industry, the polymer is mostly used for insulating electronic products.


One of the greatest characteristics that is associated with these kinds of polymers is that they are capable of maintaining their shape after they have been exposed to high temperatures. Also, they are known for their high level of elasticity. You, however, need to understand that the level of its elasticity depends on the composition of the materials used to come up with it. One of the common types of elastomer is the rubber. That is why rubber can extend to a certain degree. If want to know more about polymers, doing some research will not be a bad idea.