Various Strapping Methods You Should Know

Bundling the used material handling equipment ensures it is secure in racking. Moreover, this makes it quite easy to retrieve and ship. Packline Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of strapping machines. The following are some of the common items, which can get strapped:

  • Pallets, crates, skids, and boxes
  • Paper or coils of steel
  • Metal parts
  • Packaged glass
  • Bricks or concrete blocks

Types of strapping

The common types of strapping include steel, nylon, polypropylene, and polyester.

Steel strapping

Steel strappig23edfcg26edcyh72u28i292ng is the widely used in the packaging industry, and it comes in regular duty and high tensile strength. The regular one is made of low-carbon steel that makes it ideal for light and medium-duty applications. The high tensile strapping uses high carbon steel, which is heat treated. This makes strapping to stretch slightly to absorb shock when under pressure. This explains why it is ideal as far as securing loads is concerned.

Nylon strapping

Nylon strapping and polyester strapping are regarded as strongest plastic strapping products currently on the market. This is because of their ability to offer retained tension on the rigid loads. In fact, nylon can be used in its place because of the high price. This makes it a less realistic option unless extra strength is required. On the other hand, nylon has high strength with three main types of strapping. Moreover, it will not creep in the cold applications. This means that it cannot be deformed because of mechanical stress.

Polypropylene strapping

This stratg23wef6y3e7fu28i292pping is known because it is economical. It is suitable for strapping medium to light loads. The good thing about this material is that it is available in a broad range of thicknesses and widths. As much as it has high elongation, it is likely to lose about 60% of the applied tension in less than one hour. Also, strap slackness does occur when you use a solid product like beams. Also, this strapping is susceptible to the UV damage. Thus, it is ideal for the products that are stored indoors.

There are other types of strapping but are less common. However, they are still recommended for certain applications. Woven or corded strapping has high elongation as compared to other forms of strapping. Thus, it is mainly used for the rail and sea shipments. Moreover, paper strapping can be used to strap paper products between stages of production process.

Several types of strapping are used to package your products awaiting shipment. It is necessary to ensure you use the appropriate strapping for your applications.